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Typespeed's idea is ripped from ztspeed (a DOS game made by Zorlim). The Idea behind the game is rather easy: type words that are flying by from left to right as fast as you can. If you miss 10 or more words, game is over.

You can play typespeed for your own or with a friend using TCP/IPv4. These options are called Single player and Multiplayer respectively.

Typespeed is written in C and uses curses to display the menu and game. The network code is written using core library functions.

Generally any POSIX-compatible system with a curses library and some advanced functions (like snprintf(), etc.) should work, although development concentrates on GNU/Linux (x86_64) and ncurses. Feel free to contribute patches for your system, too! Beside of that the following systems have been tested and/or have maintained ports:


Please refer to your system's handbook how to install an available port of typespeed. If you want to compile typespeed from source, please remember that you need working development tools (gcc, make, curses headers, and so on).

If you are interested in previous versions of typespeed, please look at download page for typespeed on sourceforge.net.

Date Source Code Fedora Core 6 Mandriva 2008 PS2 Linux Slackware Windows
2008-08-13 typespeed-0.6.5.tar.gz yes yes
2007-12-01 typespeed-0.6.4.tar.gz yes
2007-11-02 typespeed-0.6.3.tar.gz yes yes yes
2007-06-01 typespeed-0.6.2.tar.gz yes yes yes yes
2007-03-16 typespeed-0.6.1.tar.gz yes yes yes yes
2007-01-19 typespeed-0.6.0.tar.gz yes yes yes

Fedora Core 6 - rpm

Maintained by: Andrew Ziem

rpm (i386) srpm
typespeed-0.6.2-1fc6.i386.rpm typespeed-0.6.2-1fc6.src.rpm
typespeed-0.6.1-1fc6.i386.rpm typespeed-0.6.1-1fc6.src.rpm

Mandriva 2008 - rpm

Maintained by: Nicolas Vigier

rpm (i586) srpm
typespeed-0.6.3-1mdv2008.0.i586.rpm typespeed-0.6.3-1mdv2008.0.src.rpm

PS2 Linux - rpm

Maintained by: Tobias Stoeckmann

rpm (mipsel) srpm
typespeed-0.6.3-1.mipsel.rpm typespeed-0.6.3-1ps2.src.rpm
typespeed-0.6.2-1.mipsel.rpm typespeed-0.6.2-1ps2.src.rpm
typespeed-0.6.1-1.mipsel.rpm typespeed-0.6.1-1ps2.src.rpm
typespeed-0.6.0-1.mipsel.rpm typespeed-0.6.0-1ps2.src.rpm

Slackware - tgz

Maintained by: Kanedaaa Bohater

tgz (i486)

For more information or newer versions, visit http://kaneda.bohater.net/slackware/packages/.

Windows (32 Bit) - zip

Maintained by: Tobias Stoeckmann

zip (i686)

These packages are compiled with MinGW 5.1.3 and pdcurses on Windows XP. Version 0.6.3 and newer also include parts of gettext 0.16.1 and libiconv 1.11 as DLLs. All required changes that had to be done are available in zip (in directory "docs"). Please note that not all functionality of typespeed is included in this port yet.

Release Notes

0.6.3 - Network Changes

The format of network messages has changed in order to ease the debugging, also it has less bugs than before. This means that previous versions won't work with 0.6.3, but now you will be informed about this during connect.

0.6.0 - High score file format has changed (yet again):

The high score file format has changed yet again. This means that you have to convert your old high scores to new format. Unfortunately, due to new saved values, old high scores are very imprecise (mostly due to float precision and alike). If you convert your old scores, please respect that cps and tcps can (and almost will) vary. You should convert only if you realy want to keep your old scores!


$ cd typespeed-0.6.0
$ make convert
$ # for typespeed < 0.5.0
$ ./convert /usr/local/share/typespeed/high.* /usr/local/var/games/typespeed.score
$ # for typespeed 0.5.0 - 0.5.3
$ ./convert /usr/local/var/games/typespeed/high.* /usr/local/var/games/typespeed.score
You can remove your old high score files if you are satisfied with the new precision.

0.4.0 - About the new way to calculate speed:

In versions before 0.4.0, the speed of words going across the screen was calculated exactly as in ztspeed (looked up from ztspeed's source code). It didn't work as we wanted it to (and probably was the cause of some odd bugs), so we changed it.

From version 0.4.0 the speed increases linearly. It makes the game a bit harder, because using the old way speed didn't increase almost at all in the beginning. But hopefully scores will now reflect player's actual typing speed more accurately. Scores will be about 10-25% smaller than with older versions (according to our tests). The CPS levels are not affected (why would they be?), but they might improve a little, because you won't be typing so long... <g>


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  Copyright (C) 2006-2008   Tobias Stoeckmann

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  are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
  notice and this notice are preserved.

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